yknow those little crushes that you had on people that never really went away??? yeah, well…shit.

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Anonymous: Pick a topic you feel strongly about. Talk about it. Why are you passionate about it? Go.

This was such a tough question, omg. Okay, so I had to sleep on this because it was so hard to decide what to talk about ‘cause I feel very strongly about such a huge number of topics and basically, I’m just way too opinionated for my own good. 

But I’m deciding to talk about this one as I feel that it’s rather relevant to tumblr ‘cause I see so much hate on a daily basis about people disagreeing with what someone chooses to do with their own life ie their gender, sexual experiences, religion etc. So in short, the topic revolves around respecting people’s choices and minding your own business. I’m passionate about this because respect is so important to me. I truly believe that we are all equals and that no one should ever feel less than that. It seriously annoys me how people think it’s okay to dictate how someone should live their OWN lives - like, is there really a need for you to interfere with someone else’s happiness? Not really. Your sense of style, how you talk, what music you listen to, how many times you’ve had sex, whether you’re into boys or girls or both; does not define who you are. The way you choose what to do with your life and how you treat those around you, does and people really need to understand that and not be so quick to jump to conclusions because people are never truly what they appear to be. Y’know, I just think if people spent less time worrying about what others are doing, thinking, or saying, the world would be such a better place - people would be so much happier and carefree and it would be such a nice environment to be in; instead of having to hide who you are because people are so ignorant of the things that do not really concern them or have a negative impact on them at all.  

footnote - sorry this was such a rushed explanation and stuff but I didn;t want to bore everyone with it cause i could literally talk about this all day y’know 

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No dope, no hope.
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My one true love. It was a pain to try to find this record, but when I did I cried tears of extreme joy.
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benjaminlhp: thoughts on benjaminlhp xo

Who the fuck is benjaminlhp??

Jk baby.
Benjamin’s a pretty rad guy. He has the cutest fucking voice ever and it just makes me want to aw in his face. Oh and he also makes the greatest facial expressions - it’s adorable (he becomes a bit of a bitch when you call him cute though) He’s just generally really fucking cool - a bit demanding and dickish sometimes but it’s all part of his charm. Oh and he’s pretty funny and i do enjoy talking to him - he’s the type of person that you can talk to about anything and it won’t be awkward. It’s great.

Anonymous: Thoughts on religion?

Personally, I’m not that concerned with religion - i’m pretty chilled about it. Like I’m a Catholic but I’m just not the greatest or most dedicated fan when it comes down to it - it’s a matter of “each to their own” really. I think it’s cool and all if you have faith in a certain figure or whatever, and kudos to you for being a big believer but it’s just not my thing. I respect that everyone has their own thoughts and feelings about it though and I think that’s the important thing. The big thing that bothers me about it is when people stuff their religion down your throat. Like man, if I wanted to partake in your beliefs, I will, but there’s no need to condemn me to hell when I say no thank you to your constant preaching in my face.

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After every workout session: eats the whole fridge because I fucking deserved it

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