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Anonymous said:
well unfortunately i don't know because i haven't seen it myself, hahaha i'm gonna watch it soon though. i don't want to be disappointed too!! the conjuring was so awesome and apparently annabelle has a different director : ((

I’ll give you a full review of it when I get back ahaha!
Ugh, that sucks! The film industry needs to stop fucking up perfectly good film series’ by changing directors/actors half way through!! (cough like Alice in Resident Evil cough)

Anonymous said:
Hahaha! actually, i heard that annabelle isn't as good/scary as the conjuring, so maybe you'll be okay!!

"Maybe" I need a definitely!! :’)
Hahah, yeah, I’ve heard that too! I’ve been waiting for it for so long though, I don’t want to be disappointed.

Anonymous said:
good luck to you!! i'm sure everything will go smoothly :)

Aw thank you!!
I hope so! We’re going to see Annabelle though so I can already sense a disaster waiting to happen hahah

Anonymous said:
Who whooo?! tell us the goss!!

Ahah, there’s not much to tell really!
We’re seeing each other tomorrow so we’ll see how it goes but I’m super nervous! :(


Balance and Composure- Parachutes (x)

Losing Teeth, Neck Deep

The Amity Affliction-53 (by Gwendolyn Lee)
I just found your blog and its kinda perfect👌✌️

You’re kinda perfect :)